Monday, May 05, 2008

nutrition poll

I've got some questions for y'all. Without doing any research--I don't want someone else's opinion, I want your best guess--fill in the blanks below. Answer each question in order--don't go back and revise your previous answers when you see the next question.

1. In a healthy diet, what percentage of daily calories should come from fat?

2. In a low-fat diet, what percentage of calories should come from fat?

3. In a low-carb diet, what percentage of calories would come from fat?

4. In the average American diet, what percentage of total calories do you suppose come from fat?

I'll tell you why in a day or two.


Alien Life Form said...

Um.... I'll go with.... 20, 10, 35, and 45. :P

Shirley said...

Gah! Questions with no answers??!? So much for instant gratification. :-) I'm going with 15, 5, 20, and 30.

Anonymous said...

My own opinion would go thirty, twenty, thirty, and forty. The first number is something I read many years ago. The others are pure conjecture. I wouldn't favor them with calling them educated guesses. They are just shots in the dark.