Thursday, February 26, 2009

a glimpse of the future

Y'all might've noticed I'm not posting so much any more. That's because I'm BUSY. I am trying to write a book, sew samples for an upcoming comicon, practice for the tournament in July, work a full-time job, and prepare for the coming collapse of society and government as we know them (which is clearly where the Press and Wall Street, not to mention all the up-and-coming third-world dictators in the know, believe we are headed). So when I'm on the internet, I'm usually searching for survival gear, multiple methods of purifying water and starting fire, and insulating, water-resistent, cut-proof clothing.

But one site I still check out regularly, when I need a dose of (un)reality is Go Fug Yourself, and its accompanying column at The Cut/ Which is where, today, I found this:

I want to know where I can get one of those. And will it fit into a Grab-and-Go backpack?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the ache of perfection

I read so much bad fiction online that I'm always a little surprised to find something good: a contemporary fairy tale, with more than a hint of Margaret Atwood.

This is "The Red Shoes," by Genevieve Valentine, via The Journal of Mythic Arts.

Good stuff, this Journal: fiction and analysis both. And of course I find it after it's gone.

It's not a perfect story; I thought the ending was a little weak. Although the pace and style were consistent throughout, I would have preferred a more definite ending. Nevertheless, the writing is clean and efficient, the story predictable but satisfying--there's a hint of doom that makes the plot inevitable, rather than pat.

And the story resonated with me--that strife for mastery, to integrate the body and the spirit in skill and artistic expression. The frustration of seeing the long road ahead; the torture of fearing you'll never get back to where you once were.