Friday, June 13, 2008

Victorian dresses on sale now!

Yes, I am finally cleaning out my closets. I have all these lovely dresses, all of which have been worn once or twice, hanging in storage like specimens in a museum. I will probably never wear any of them again, because a) I've lost interest in Conventions and b) when I go I don't feel like dressing up and c) if I do feel like dressing up, I'll just want something new. Selling these and having no time/space/money doesn't mean I don't still have yearnings for a new black velvet reception gown!

So. I put up two bustle dresses and a RenFest costume for sale on Etsy, and I may do more. Already the bustle dresses have been getting a lot of attention, although I always suspect it's because other modistes are checking out the goods to monitor the competition and/or steal ideas. I know I do!

Big sewing planned for this weekend! Ta!


Confidential to SG: I know the proprietess of whom you speak; I saw her wares last year. I didn't post your comment because I didn't want her to track the link back here. I don't perceive her as competition. She and I are selling to a different class of clientele, I think.

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