Monday, August 10, 2020

A New Lucky Strike?

 Cheyenne Evening Star—Thursday, August X, 1880 

A New Lucky Strike?

According to a reliable source, this reporter has learned that a party or parties unknown delivered a sizable sample of pure gold quartz ore to Heinzler & Heinzler Assayers last week. While Heinzler Sr. would not confirm or deny the existence of such a sample, nor less its purity of weight, the unnamed source intimated the sample tested at the highest percentage Heinzler had ever personally seen, indicating a strike that, if accessible, could rival the Homestake in Dakota Territory. 

But where did it come from? None of the usual geologists or front-men for the great investors were known to be in town. Certainly Mssr. Heinzler would not break professional confidentiality by disclosing the name of his customer. So we are left to speculate…

Union Pacific Seeks Workers

Meanwhile, in Joss Houses, gambling dens, and laundries from Cheyenne to San Francisco, agents have been recruiting Celestials with mining or explosives experience. But for what operation? Not for Rock Springs or Carbon—  

To this reporter’s best knowledge, the U.P. has not actively recruited American labor for the past two years, being largely intent on driving out the labor unions by importing hoards of Celestials. Typically, Chinese do not apply via recruiters, being more often rounded up and imported in via steamer ship and cattle-car by their own better-connected countrymen. That someone is recruiting Chinese miners already located in America, and doing it without going through the usual Chinese Bosses, may indicate a need for secrecy?

At any rate, whoever is recruiting these workers and assaying this gold ore, obviously wishes to keep their venture a secret, to the extent that the average newsman has a Chinaman’s chance of uncovering their identity. But this reporter being no average newsman, stay in touch for further developments…