Thursday, September 20, 2012

some Harley Quinn dresses I have made

I was looking at my web traffic and noticed some friendly souls came by searching for a "Harley Quinn dress." Then I looked at Google and noticed only two of the dresses I've done showed up in the images search, and none of those recently! And I've done a few. So here they are:

Harley Quinn 50's cocktail/prom dress
Elise Archer a/k/a The Princess Bee in one of my original designs,
a 1950's style cocktail or prom dress.

Harley Quinn Mad Love red nightie negligee
Does this count as a dress? The infamous red nightie from "Mad Love."

Harley Quinn white formal dress gown
Harley Quinn's white formal gown, as designed by
the great Adam Hughes in his "Women of DC" Poster.

circus acrobat victorian steampunk harley quinn dress corset
The latest and greatest of my original Harley Quinn dress designs:
I call this one Steampunk Harley Quinn, or Circus Acrobat Harley Quinn Dress.

You can order custom-sized items like these through my Etsy shop. Thanks for stopping by!

Please do not repost pictures without proper attribution: "Costume by Holly Messinger."