Wednesday, December 07, 2011

custom Batwoman costume

I love this. Black and red, how can you go wrong? This is Kristin in the Batwoman costume I made for her. She was really open to using the matte black PVC, which I love.

The cape is two layers of lightweight synthetic fabric. The bodysuit is black matte stretch PVC, with red PVC accents. The gloves are matte red spandex and the accessories are sculpted leather. You can order custom items like this one through my Etsy shop.

Kristin is a repeat customer of mine. She's a careful and dedicated cosplayer, she really puts thought and time into the characters she wants to portray. She's also an artist and cartoonist. You can see her work on her DeviantArt page.


Shirley, surely said...

Very nice! You say of Kristin that "She's a careful and dedicated...really puts thought and time into the characters..." I'm thinkin' the same could/should be said of you!

Holly said...

Thank you! That's actually one reason why I like working with her; we have similar approaches to the cosplay.

artemis_moon15 said...

I love it! I want a black and red batwoman costume so bad for halloween this year but all I can find is black and yellow. You have some amazing costume making skills! She is one sexy batwoman!