Saturday, August 30, 2008


So I finally finished that big sewing job for Jewelry Girl. It about killed me, seeing as how I did in five weeks what I thought I would do in eight, but the results are good.

The red and green ones are acetate taffeta, which was surprisingly pleasant to work with. It was crisp and did as it was told.

I sure couldn't have done it without the serger.

And now I am very tired, and I'm going to take a vacation.


Anonymous said...

Vacation??? Whut!!! an' leave them snazzy li'l lamps to gather dust?

While I wouldn't be caught dead in any of these outfits, they'll like quite fine on the right person. If Jewel Girl is as pretty as these rigs, it will make for some striking eye-catching combinations.

One thing- these aren't what a lady would wear to split kindling for her cookstove.

Holly said...

"these aren't what a lady would wear to split kindling for her cookstove"

True... although Sit suggested I wear them to do my tai chi sword form.

I'm *fairly* sure he was joking.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, martial arts outfits are designed for ease of movement. A Victorian dress is a straightjacket, or, as I once remarked, a medieval torture device.

Sword form in a hoop skirt: I'd lay odds that you could do it.