Thursday, February 21, 2008

mood music

Lisa's post over at DangerGal reminded me that I had wanted to do a "theme music" post of my own. Also, I am trying really hard to get my head back into the 19th Century, so here's the "Trace" playlist from my iPod.

Prelude in C minor Op. 28 No. 20—Chopin
Broken Hearted Savior—Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Silence—Sarah McLachlan
Blue on Black—Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Reasons Why—Nickle Creek
Wayfaring Stranger—Trace Adkins
Sundown—Gordon Lightfoot
Leader of Men—Nickleback
New Year’s Prayer—Jeff Buckley
iieee—Tori Amos
Moonlight Sonata—Beethoven
Ubi Caritas—Connie Dover
Shelter—Sarah McLachlan
Just Stop—Disturbed
Black Widow—Michelle Shocked
Down So Long—Jewell
It’s Not Me—Three Doors Down
Prayer of St. Francis—Sarah McLachlan
Soul for Every Cowboy—Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Come to Jesus—Mindy Smith
Bring it On—Trace Adkins
Heaven’s My Home—the Duhks
Someday—Trace Adkins

Interesting and slightly schizoid combination of classical, bluegrass/gospel, and death metal, but hey! If it gets the job done....

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Lisa said...

Nice! I gotta love a gal with as much an eclectic taste in music as I have. Nickel Creek! Awesome. Deftones! Fantastic. There should be some Deftones on my list, now that I think of it. And maybe some Godsmack too. :)

You might like Seamus Egan if you like some Bluegrass.