Monday, October 29, 2007

what have YOU been up to?

I painted the walls of my office this weekend. Sanded the touch-up patches, added a second coat of primer and put on the first coat of paint. The SP helped rough-in the corners but I let him off the hook and finished the rolling myself. It's a small room, after all.

The paint is very antique-looking, kind of an eggshell or cream that has yellowed with age. I think it'll look smashing with the golden-shellacked trim and some rich draperies. The SP said we'd go look at wood for my workbench this weekend. Yay!

We are both ALMOST caught up with our financial situation. I had some back taxes from the divorce; he had some other things to take care of, and while they are not yet completely gone, we've got them scared. All the sewing I did this summer and fall put a nice chunk of change in my pocket, all of which is going to Uncle Sam.

I did buy a couple of small things for myself, however. I got a ruffle-making foot for Vera Bernina, and I FINALLY found some vertically-striped nylons which I've only been searching for since, oh, 2002. They were kind of pricey, but I ordered two pair, one tan & one black, and they were worth every penny. They are gorgeous, smooth, sheer, excellent quality, and fit like a dream. I'm almost afraid to wear them, for fear of snags.

In further garment news, I completed my long tweed skirt and my tweed vest. They look very sharp. I put them on with my pocketwatch and perched a pair of old welding goggles on my head, and how Steampunk am I? The skirt's great, though. Very long, swingy and soft, not at all binding. Probably be very warm in the winter, too, if I put some tights and a petticoat under it.

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