Tuesday, January 23, 2007

chicken & sausage soup

This is a knockoff of my chicken jambalaya.

Poach a couple of chicken breasts in a big pot or deep skillet, with a little water and chicken bouillion. Add seasoned salt & seasoned pepper.

In another skillet, melt some butter and saute about half of a yellow onion, a red bell pepper and a green bell pepper, all diced coarsely. Throw in a couple cloves of garlic and a couple of celery stalks, also chopped.

When the vegetables are wilted and the chicken breasts are mostly cooked, remove the chicken to cool and dump the peppers & onion in the chicken broth. Add two 10 oz cans of diced tomatoes with their juice. Add about a tablespoon of basil or thyme, one or two bay leaves, and a few generous dashes of Frank's Red Hot.

Dice up cooked chicken and return to pot. Cut a package of smoked dinner sausage into rounds and add to pot.

Let simmer, uncovered, until some of the liquid is reduced and the sausage looks shriveled. Taste; correct seasonings.

Serve with crusty buttered bread.

(You can also eat this over rice. Originally I would add long grain and wild rice to the soupy mixture, and let it steam until it turned to hash. But the jambalaya didn't keep well when it had the rice cooked in; it became starchy and bland in the refrigerator. This soup is just as good the day after.)


Anonymous said...

This is much tastier than toads, be they alive or be they dead. Fried frog legs taste like chicken, but where do you get them this time of year?
Nightmares, the kind you can't wake up from, they are the worst. A few nights ago, I lay asleep. In my revery, my attire may have been high fashion in some parts of New Guinea, but not so in the social milieu in which I found myself.
Shirt, jacket, NO pants!!!
I emulated the decapitated hen some while in attempts to secure Levis to cover my thighs. The entire Universe looked on.
I was naked and ashamed.
Eventually, I drifted into dreamless sleep, thereby escaping my quandary.

Anonymous said...

"A few generous dashes of Frank's Red Hot-" Justin Wilson lives!!!

Your dream the other night takes first prize in the "plumb skeery" category. "There's no place like home." Forget the toads! Wear your silver slippers to bed.