Monday, November 13, 2006

whoa, grandma

I took my Sparring Partner to meet my grandparents this weekend. They took to him immediately, as I guessed they would. Of course my grandparents are so sweet and gregarious, and the SP is endearingly good-natured and gracious, especially with older people. He's going to fit in the family just fine.

My grandfather immediately hauled him off I knew not where, talking about house construction and tools, and I followed my grandma into the kitchen to help with brunch.

"Wow, Holly," she said in an undertone. "He is handsome. He is so good-looking. And that voice."

He does have a lovely low voice, and a smooth articulate way of speaking. I was surprised, though, to hear the compliment. I mean, I think he's a hottie, but I know I'm not a reliable judge of his looks. And my family doesn't hand out empty compliments.

"I know I shouldn't carry on like this, an old grandma like me, but wow," Grandma said, while I grinned bigger and bigger. "You got a good one, there."

"Aw, stop it, you're gonna make me blush," I said.

"Well, you should be!" she said, giving me a squeeze. "You're the blushing bride."

We're getting married on Saturday--me and the SP. At last, at last. We'd always expected it would happen someday, although we never talked about it until recently. We both had a private conviction that I'd be widowed young and we'd hook up in ten or fifteen years. Hey, karma works in mysterious ways.

Grandma loaned me an antique Art Nouveau-era necklace that belonged to her grandmother, part of my namesake legacy. My dress is white silk, sleek and simple.

I feel serenely blissful.


Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage; half shut afterwards.
---Poor Richard

There is yet another item from the Notebooks of Lazaruz Long that I could pass along, but I may have exceeded my quota of unsolicited advice already.

Rudy gets you back for keeps. Yippee!!!

Congratulations,Best Wishes, and Good Luck.

AJ Milne said...

Awesome! Many congratulations to you both.

Hope you have a great day and thereafter.

Holly said...

Thank you; thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yup, snap him up before the lecherous nuns steal him away.

When parcelling out unsolicited advice, one should do so sparingly.
"Sovereign ingredient for a happy marriage: pay cash or do without. Interest charges not only eat up a household budjet; awareness of debt eats up domestic felicity.
"Budget the luxuries first."
-----Lazarus Long

It occurs to me that you need neither my advice nor my blessing. Ya got 'em, anyway.

So Holly, Rudy, and the SP will ride into the sunset to live happily ever after.
I hope so!!!

Holly said...

Yeah, I used'ta be one of those lecherous nuns.

Don't ask.

I'm just sayin' they're to be wary of.

Anonymous said...

At my age, I don't think I have a thing to worry about.