Monday, August 14, 2006

things I have to do next weekend

  1. Attend the Ethnic Festival in K.C., which happens to be in a scary part of town, and swing a sword around onstage;
  2. Drive to a slightly less scary burg in another state at the far opposite end of the greater City area to attend my writer's meeting;
  3. Buy a car.

Mind you, I'm not actually sure that any of these things will happen. No. 3, should it actually come to pass, will have to take precedence over the other two, but right now I'll still waiting on the bank's approval.

This weekend I've had to deal with a remarkable assortment of pushy and demanding males--lawyers, tailors, used car salesmen, relatives, editors. The lawyer was by far the most competent and easiest to get along with. At least he got everything done he said he was going to do. My divorce should be final in a couple more weeks. And I found a used car for sale by a friend of a friend that should be a pretty good deal if I can get a loan. More details on that as they happen.


Anonymous said...

...lawyers, tailors, used car salesmen, relatives, editors...

Damn. A few weeks of that crowd, and I'm thinkin' I'd be up in the clock tower, with a rifle.

Best of luck with it all.

Holly said...

It is a rogue's gallery, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go the clock tower-rifle route; rather, it would be coffee and pistols at dawn. Over the years, any number of the people I would like to have shot have died anyway, victims of their own terminal stupidity.

Holly said...

Personally I just bake them something really high in starch and triglycerides, clog up their arteries. Kill 'em with kindness, so to speak.