Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a very happy birthday

Birthday was grand. Had a lovely Italian dinner with Amber; roasted salmon and tortelloni in cream sauce, plus chocolate ganache cake to die for. Yum!

Even though it was my birthday, she got some gifts too: I finally handed over the two corsets she commissioned from me months ago. They turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself. One is sleek black satin and the other is bone-colored silk shantung, with a monochrome lace-and-velvet trim along the top. I finished the insides by hand so they look as clean and professional inside as out. She wants to do some self-portraits in them so I hope to add the photos to my portfolio sometime in the next decade.

She gave me a lovely box-framed butterfly specimen. I managed to get a rather crappy scan of it at work.

Sabine and I like it. In my new office in Mom & Dad's house (which was my old office, and before that, my sister's room) I have cleared off the top of my desk and arranged all of my Fairweather memorabilia: antique bottles, a model human skull, some rusty skeleton keys, and a sepia-toned picture of a distinguished and forbidding-looking man who's standing in for Sabine's father. I hung the butterfly on the wall beside the desk, between a naturalist illustration of a vampire bat, and a sketch of a brain dissection from the late 18th century. It's cool.

It's also rather symbolic. A couple people asked me if I felt older, and the truth is I feel younger. I know I'm entering a new phase in my life, and I feel lighter, full of possibilities. I haven't felt like this since I graduated college at the ripe old age of 26, but I always love the sensation. I've come out of my cocoon this month. Wings are still wet, maybe, but if I can be really corny with a clich&eacute, I feel poised for flight.


AJ Milne said...

That's not corny. That's just good to hear.

Anonymous said...

Although I do not perceive you as either angelic or deific, you certainly are a talented young lady quite worthy of respect.

In dog years, I am 441. I only chase parked cars.

An item you probably already know: Trace Adkins is opening for Gretchen Wilson at Verizon May 20.

Anonymous said...

Another item you may be aware of: Fall Out Boy will be at the City Market April 13.

Holly said...

Yeah, I'd been watching the upcoming concerts, but frankly I'm not that keen on attending. Don't care for crowds, y'know. I think I'm too old and dignified to attend another concert in the City Market. :-)