Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy MLK day.

Minor point of interest: I got what you might call a "call-back" from that one publisher on End of the Line. The first reader's superior contacted me and asked for an .rtf copy, so she could forward it to the editorial board. So it's still afloat. I don't dare get too optimistic, but it sure would be nice to get paid professional rates for that thing--that would be a Godsend right now. And Raechel from Jinstu wrote to let me know that she'd sent out the reversion of rights last week. Poor kid. In a way I feel more sorry for her than I do for myself. Up until December it really sounded like Eggplant was doing well and poised for growth.


Shirley said...

Well, I'm sure you know that "back burner" stuff is still simmering in there, so it'll only be better when you can pull it back to the front and starting cooking again. That can be this other stuff's hidden blessing.

Holly said...

Yeah, I'm trying to take that approach to it. After taking a break from my writing I usually come back stronger, but I've learned, also, that the writing mind is like a muscle, and if I let it sit too long it goes flabby on me.

But that is of course why I keep going to my writer's meetings every month. At least for the week prior I can set everything aside and say, *this* week is for writing!

Anonymous said...

It's too bad about your wheels having three of them in the salvage yard.

Concerning you husband's weight loss program: I do not recommend the situation imposed on me a month ago. For eight days, I did not each much of anything, for fear that it would not stay down. I lost eight pounds.

Of course, you know the phrase, "weak as a kitten." During my ordeal, the kitten was Mighty Hercules compared to me.
Scott Garten