Monday, December 19, 2005


Eggplant publications is closing. I got the word this morning. No info on why. Which means Jintsu is closing. Which means End of the Line will not be coming out in February, if ever.

Somehow, I cannot be all that surprised. I guess I should be glad, from a karma point of view, that at least no one died this time. Or did they? I really cannot be sure.

Excuse me while I go beat my head against a wall.


C8H10N4HO2O2 said...

Fuu.... I mean... Umm...

Never mind.

But what's this about someone dying? There was a risk of that?

Anyway: just a thought: if there's nothing explicit on the subject already in the correspondence you've received, see if you can get out of your contract with them while there's someone there to agree to as much. Depending on how they wind up business, you might wind up with a property in limbo--someone somewhere with no real ability to publish holding legal title to the right to do so with respect to EOTL--if you don't.

C8H10N4HO2O2 said...

... and condolences. That's just damn lousy.

Holly said...

Raechel promised releases would be sent shortly. I think she's honorable about that.

This makes--I think--three publishers who have accepted my work and then folded before it could come out. And one that I've backed out of.

The dead party was a fairly well-known agent, used to be a Name in the business. Back in 1999 I sent him a query letter and he responded enthusiastically, asked me to send him the MS; before I could do so he was diagnosed with leukemia and died two months later. It was very abrupt.

A friend of mine, who had had the same agent a while back, said, "That's too bad. He was a good agent. And he would have liked your stuff."

Le sigh.