Friday, September 09, 2005

Parlor Games is done

I'm as amazed as you are. It feels a little like one of those Family Circus maps where Billy wanders all over the neighborhood--I got from start to finish okay, but I'm not sure I hit all the points I needed to cover.

Ah well. Hindsight is clearest, and at least my writer's group will have something to crit next week. Now I get to go play with the werewolves.

Oh... by-the-by, when you leave comments now you'll have to do a "word verification" as an extra step---to keep the spammers out.

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Anonymous said...

"Parlor Games:" delicious on the first scan. I shall have to sit back and savor it.
I am reminded of an anecdote about cowboys at a campfire. There were these two lineriders sitting at their evening fire; a large skillet of beans and a gallon pot of coffee were on the fire. A fellow hallooed the camp. Coming in, he was riding a grizzly bear, with a cougar for a saddle mate and a live rattler for a quirt. He dismounted quickly, grabbed the skillet and spooned down its contents in a few gulps, then drained the pot to the dregs. He leaped back on the bear, exclaiming, "I hate to eat and run, boys, but there is one tough SOB a-chasin' me.