Monday, November 22, 2004

glad tidings

I am officially approved to start attending kung-fu classes on Wednesdays, or as my husband refers to them: "Sit's Secret Skulls Meeting." Sit actually looked quite pleased when I asked him about it. I also did some rather impressive defensive escapes on Sunday. I am still trying to keep my shoulders consistently rounded and relaxed. My balance is much better, and I almost have that wing-block built into muscle memory. It's weird, since I've started working at it and paying attention, I'm remembering just how much I love kung fu.

I have three stories ready for submission, now. I polished up Bridgeport and reworked Insomnia this weekend. Insomnia was particularly difficult, because I had never had any sense of how effective that story was. I felt it was disjointed and surreal and too long. It is surreal, but in a good way; it's an impressionist painting of a story. It seems like unrelated parts at first, but viewed as a whole it makes sense. I fixed the confusion issue with Seth/Ladron being the same person, and by referring to Seth by his first name throughout, created more intimacy with the character. I also elaborated on the science, the neuro-tapping procedure and the radiation therapy. Fortunately for me, Dr. Flenning likes the sound of his own voice.

So I have three stories in good shape for submission, now. It feels very strange. I shall fix up "Donor," next, and go to work on Trace. My main fear with Trace is that the stories I have in mind are too big, too epic, and I won't be able to force them into a short story. Must practice economy. Always less. Always less.

Happily, I have to work only Monday and Tuesday this week; the office closes early on Wednesday. I'll have a solid four and a half days off. Bliss.

Now if I could just ditch my family. . .

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