Saturday, October 24, 2020


September 12, 1876 
Edinburgh, Scotland 
Queen’s Care Charity Hospital

 New patient admitted today. 23 yo female committed to custody by husband after >6 months of hallucinations, vivid nightmares, delusions of being watched, touched, etc. Patient has history of “religiosity” and involvement with Spiritualism but delusions amplified during the spring, after loss of 3rd pregnancy in late trimester. 

Dr. Douglass asked me to conduct initial assessment. 

Mrs. Leonora Piper appeared well composed and rational at our first meeting. She had been allowed to retain her own dress and shoes; her hair was clean and neatly arranged. When I entered her room she stood at the window, head leaning against the wall, looking out the narrow window in some reverie.

“Mrs. Piper?” I said, when she did not turn at the sound of my entry. “I am Miss Fairweather. I assist the doctors in their treatment of female patients. Would you like to talk with me about the events that brought you here?”

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