Thursday, September 01, 2011

procrastination at its finest

Man, I am good when it comes to avoiding writing. This is a new personal best for me. Are you ready for this?

I actually took a part-time retail job, 40 minutes away, that paid about $20 per shift, after taxes and gas money. In my own defense, the job had been advertised to me as much better pay, but the actual commission rates were terrible, even if I were able to muster the cocaine-fed-puppy enthusiasm it would take to be an effective salesperson in such an environment. It only took me two shifts to figure out I was suffering from temporary insanity, but wow.

I worked 3 days and resigned. Told them I'd had another offer elsewhere, which was not strictly untrue; I have at least three other projects that I should be concentrating on, plus my Halloween sewing season is in full swing.

But wow.


Shirley, surely said...

Yes, I believe you can pay yourself at a much better rate. The boss can be mean, sometimes, though. She has this idea that you have to, uh, WORK. Horrors!

Holly said...

Heh heh--I have to work or my clients will demand their money back and trash me on the interwebs! I have taken 5 new orders in the past 5 days--time to crack down for the month!

Tygepc said...

Congratulations on the influx of commissions!

You lasted a day longer than I did when I got a job as a Mall Survey Taker (want to talk about unbalanced wages?)

Holly said...

>want to talk about unbalanced wages?

not really. It'd just make me cranky, and I had a pretty good morning. :-)