Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Screw you, Jar Jar. Screw. You."

Linking to this cuz I've reached a point where I have to get my snark on vicariously.

Great White Snark WonderCon 2009 Costumes

Part 1

... and Part 2

Also because it's LMAO funny.

Bonus snarky goodness: Comicon 2009 Roundup!


Alien Life Form said...

totally off topic, but, I LOVE the picture you have up of yourself. Classy. Graceful. Beautiful. And HAWT! ;)

Holly said...

Heh. Compliments are never off topic!

My buddy Anthony took that pic, I think.

Great White Snark said...

Yes, a lovely portrait. And excellent taste in snarky blogs.

Holly said...

I know a master when I see one. ^_-