Wednesday, June 04, 2008

born in the wrong scene

Disclaimer in advance: I'm not a music hound. I don't check out the local scenes, I don't pretend to know what's new and hip and fresh. I've never been to the Pacific Northwest, so I have no idea if the youngsters of that scene are dressing in faded jeans and work boots and yearning to run away to the wheatfields of Kansas.

But it sure as hell sounds like it. I present to you, Sera Cahoone, of Seattle Washington. Close on the heels of another steel-string pluckin' Washingtonian girl crooner, Brandi Carlile, whose music I have been enjoying for a couple years, now.

I'm a little bemused by this, considering that the last major musical exports from Seattle--at least major enough to permeate my little world--were Nirvana and their grungy kin.

Of the two artists, I prefer Carlile for her complexity, but Sera Cahoone ain't bad for sittin' on the porch, sluggin' back a bottle of whiskey, and contemplating... I dunno, the waving wheatfields? The fish market? The chickens in the yard? Laying down on the railroad tracks?

Ah well. Everybody in Nashville is singing about Los Angeles, bling, and badonkadonk. Meanwhile here in Kansas they're singing thrash metal and aspiring to be goths. The grass is always greener.

(And hey, lookit that--Brandi and Sheryl Crow will be at Starlight Ampitheatre tomorrow night. See? No involvement with the local music scene--I woulda never known if I hadn't looked at her MySpace page just now.)

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