Friday, April 18, 2008

feng shui w/ cat

So. "Death by Feng Shui" went up on yesterday, and already I have had 4 crits. Which is not bad; I'll probably get four or five times that many by the end of the week, if past experience is an indication, however the first few usually say everything that needs to be said. Generally the crits are positive; the most salient point is that I need to wrap it up a bit better, so I did. I actually read the thing through myself this week, and it's better than I thought.

I'm curious, though, as to how people keep grousing about the point of view shifts. I was going for a semi-detached, quasi omnisicient viewpoint in this, so there are POV shifts in the middle of scenes without my customary page breaks. I remember now, I used to do this quite naturally when I was a younger writer, but Rob & co. trained me out of it.

This time I used the freeflowing POV consciously, because there is a certain element of satire in the story. I wanted to be looking down on the characters, judging them; but I'm surprised at how intolerant people are of it. Nobody has yet had the gall to say "NEVER DO THAT!", possibly because my style is competent enough that they guess I did it deliberately, but about half the reviewers (including one in my RL writer's group), have said it bothered them. Kind of strange how ingrained the single-viewpoint mode is, in contemporary American writers.

Anyway, I brushed up "Death by Feng Shui" a bit and I'm considering markets to send it to. It's rather Hitchcockian in tone, not actually a fantasy piece, so mainstream or suspense, or possibly slipstream publications are the order of the day. Suggestions are welcome.

Meantime, anybody who wants a freebie copy should let me know.

Now for the cat! This guy looks a lot like my cat, and I can easily imagine Rudy with this expression on his face.


Anonymous said...

This cat does resemble Phantom, the big gray tom that hung around our place for a couple of years.
I checked out the cat pictures. The captions are hilarious. Of course, our cats are more articulate; they spell better; they speak more correct English. I must admit though, that they do move their lips when they read.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind a look at "Death by Feng Shui."

Holly said...

SG, I need you to send me a message with your new email address. The old address I have for you seems to be out of date.

Alien Life Form said...

Hey, I would totally love to sneak a peek at a copy of the story. :D

*HUGS* btw. Too bad you're not attending Conquest this year. Maybe we could still see you for lunch sometime during the weekend?