Wednesday, February 20, 2008

further reviewness

This time at
Holly Messinger serves up an outstanding story of vampires in the Old West with "End of the Line". [...] Post-reading Googling shows that Messinger has other Trace and Boz stories. If they're anything like this one - which is to say well-written and jam-packed with non-stop, throat-ripping, blood-spattering action - then bring 'em on!

I hear ya, people! More blood-splattering!

Been home sick for five days, btw. Missed a perfectly good three-day weekend. Can't remember the last time I was this sick, and I'm mildly offended by my body's weakness. But being mentioned as a standout in the same sentence with David Brin is like a stiff shot of whiskey.

And to the guys at SF Signal, thanks for the mention!

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