Monday, January 07, 2008

things accomplished

go to writer's meeting
alter blue silk blouse (in progress)
hem navy pants
hem gray pants
cuff the SP's overalls
wash sheets
wash shower curtain
turn the mattress
finish Feng Shui
hem new black skirt
read AJ's MS (in progress)
put fasteners on black pants
close up lining/pocket in tweed vest
start on the SP's sword bag
cut out the SP's coat

I got a few things done. Mostly I cleared away several little things that had been getting in my way. I would've had my blue silk blouse finished, too, but I made a mistake while taking in the sleeves, I didn't leave enough seam allowance to account for the armseye riding higher on my shoulder, so now I have to take the seam out all over again and put in a gusset. Very annoying.

I skipped tai chi Saturday morning, my self-punishment for not writing during the week, and knocked out an ending to Death by Feng Shui. Not the ending it will ultimately have, perhaps, but an ending. My writing compadres said it wasn't satisfying as it now sits. I haven't read it myself (this is to say, I remember what I wrote, but I have no distance from it), so I can't diagnose yet.

Mostly they just shrugged and said, "So when do we get more Trace?"


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