Wednesday, October 17, 2007

time flies

Wow, it's October. Like, halfway through October. How did that happen?

I've been sick this week. I think it was the let-down that comes when you get everything finished and finally slow down enough that the germs can catch up. I stayed home Monday and slept about 12 hours and felt better.

So what have I been doing? Well, I sewed a lot. I made three Harley Quinn costumes, as you know.... and I sold about 10 patterns, I'm not sure of the actual number. I found out that one skank who bought a pattern from me 2 years ago is now selling her own made-to-order Harley Quinn costumes in PVC. C'est la vie. If I wanted to work in PVC I'd be more annoyed than I am She does a pretty good job but my hoods look better.

The SP and I have been preparing lightly for a tai chi demo next weekend, during which we will wave our umbrellas and pretend to beat each other up. Sit is emceeing and I'm curious whether he'll make a joke about us being married. The demo is supposed to be in a grocery store parking lot, unless of course it keeps raining.

The advent of the cool weather has made me want to sew something for myself, so while I was home sick I cut out some lovely tweed from my stash to make a three- and possibly four-piece suit. I cut out the jacket, vest and pants, and probably have enough fabric left for a skirt but I may use another pattern for it. It feels very strange to be sewing something for myself. I haven't made myself any non-costume clothes in a very long time.

Let's see, what else?... I believe I mentioned sending "Sikeston" to Baen's Universe back in August. They got round to it rather quicker than I expected, but they turned it down. Said it "wasn't right" for the magazine. I'm not sure what that means, but I was not entirely surprised. Sikeston is a great story, I think, but over at Baen's they like things a bit lighter.

I haven't felt like writing for a while. I thought I might churn out something for Halloween, but it's been awfully busy at work and at home, both. I have no brain cells to spare for plot construction. Oh, that job I applied for? I interviewed with the supervisor and we both agreed I was overqualified for the position. It was pretty much entry-level and data entry. The sad part was, that starting salary was roughly what I'm making now, after seven years here. It's a small market for publishing around here, there's no competition so wages stay low. Of course from what I understand, nobody in publishing anywhere in the WORLD makes a decent living, so I'm in good company.

The good news is, what with me making up a resume and investigating elsewhere, my supervisor finally heard me complaining about how I was stagnated and wanted some new duties, preferably web-based. They are working on getting new people into the department, and when they succeed, I shall be taking on some new duties. Which means I shall be turning the screws for a raise, come April.

But that's a heavy topic, not fun. And I am too drowsy to dwell on heavy topics. It's pouring rain outside and very dark. I think I shall put up Halloween decorations. We're having trick-or-treaters in the office on the 26th and I'll probably dress up. I'm leaning toward a Fairweather-inspired Steampunkish ensemble. I should have enough costume bits to pull that off. Particularly if I finish my new skirt. The SP found a pair of old welding goggles that belonged to his dad, and I already have a pocketwatch, so I can accessorize effortlessly.

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