Thursday, May 03, 2007

why I'm preoccupied

What I'm working on at the moment:
  1. A corset for a client, which I should be able to get mostly finished this weekend, if only my fabric will arrive!

  2. A quasi-Victorian jacket for myself, to wear to the upcoming Con--if only my mother will mail me the fabric I left at her house!

  3. The tee-shirt designs for End of the Line, to make those available for the upcoming Con. Now I have access to Photoshop, but I'm having to rebuild the entire graphic.

  4. The latest Trace story, Curious Weather, which has been on hold for the better part of a year. Yes, there is finally movement there. No, you can't see it yet. My writer's group meets again in three weeks; I hope to make a good dent in it, at least.

  5. The ongoing workroom restoration, which has been on-hold for a few weeks due to tax/family/house maintenance requirements. I did do some sanding on the drywall, but we've got two more layers of mud to put on. The SP brought home some lovely wainscotting that came out of the house he's working on; we're going to shorten it slightly and put it up in my office. Should give it a lovely library-like feel.

  6. And lest I have any wasted brain cells, Sit started me on the big-daddy traditional Wu-style sword form two weeks ago. I'm not as intimidated by it as I used to be. It's curvy and challenging and kind of fun. I'm enjoying tai chi again, not looking at it as another dull duty.

I'm not the only one busy. Work is picking up for the SP. He's excited about the Con, too; he bought some new accessories for his gunslinger outfit. Also, he got an order for two more of his handmade wooden tai chi practice swords. He went and bought maple yesterday. So we're in a good mood at our house. Neither of us is really happy unless we have too much to do.


Anonymous said...

Rather than weep, wail, and so on in the Outer Darkness about not having "Curious Weather" to read, I have been catching up on some authors where I was way behind. Gordon R. Dickson wrote "Dorsai!" in 1959. I latched on to a cheap copy and enjoyed, along with "Spirit of the Dorsai." There are ten other books in this Childe cycle, inspired by Browning's poem about Childe Roland, as was King's Dark Tower series.

I won't be busting any tender portions searching for those ten. Other things to do.

Holly said...

Y'know, I've never heard reference to that poem outside of it inspiring the Dark Tower series. I wonder why Browning was neglected by my English professors.

Anonymous said...

I accessed Wikipedia to learn that Browning's poem has been the inspiration for several authors including Andre Norton. Browning himself was motivated by a line from Shakespeare's "King Lear."