Monday, May 14, 2007

in the club/update on the distractions

  1. I now have an author/bio page up at Baen's Universe.

  2. The EOTL, "They're eatin' my Baptists!" tee-shirts are available to order from (see sidebar). There are basically two designs; white type for dark shirts and vice versa. You can specifiy the style, color, and size of tee-shirt you want at Zazzle.

  3. The paid-job corset I've been working on is virtually done except for the top and bottom binding, which I cannot complete until the boning arrives; should be today.

  4. The jacket I'm making for myself for the con is mostly patterned and the lining cut out. The fabric is green/black/gold striped, to be worn over a green skirt and black corset. Should be very cool. I may even have time to make my hat.

  5. Couple weeks ago, the SP ordered himself a custom-made leather shoulder-holster. Friday night, I came home and found him posing before the mirror in full gunslinger regalia--suspenders, vest, hat and all--thus fulfilling a fantasy I never knew I had. Ain't I a good woman to you, Doc?

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Anonymous said...

"Ain't I a good woman to you, Doc?"
I recollect that line from "Gunfight at the OK Corral" spoken by Big Nose Kate as played by Jo Van Fleet to Doc Holliday, portrayed by Kirk Douglas.

I find from your bio at Baen that Rudy is gray. Phantom, the big tom cat that most recently took us into his employ, is gray.