Monday, November 20, 2006

to quote the Chinese guy...

... "Good Wedding."


Anonymous said...

It's nice that it didn't go down like the wedd'nin' in the song "Dear Little Buffalo Boy." There the prospective bride called it off when the would-be groom figured to bring his five(maybe six if the weather be good) children to the ceremony.
Three months ago you were considering abandoning this website. You sounded about ready for the Tallahatchie Bridge. Fortunately, it was nine hundred miles away, and it collapsed in 1972.
There have been changes: a newer more reliable car with good gas mileage, lower gas prices, a shorter commute(?), fewer hassles about religion, reunification with your cat, and a happy marriage.
Things are looking up. Here's hoping they continue to do so.

Holly said...

You're right. Obviously some things needed changing; the blog wasn't one of them.