Thursday, October 26, 2006

brainstorming in spam

I daresay others have mentioned this before me, but I noticed anew today the strangely intriguing taglines on the spam in my junk folder. Here's a random sampling from today's spam, with inserts where needed to make grammatical phrases:
  • is separable an[d] cache

  • impish commandment

  • aperatif

  • midnight craftsmanship

  • the disorder at fell (or is that Fell? as in a place named Fell?)

  • a little battle between wondering whether it were [something?] both times

  • imbue

  • everyplace troubadour

Note a couple of them are just words, but some of my very favorite words. Makes you wonder what kind of email filters are going through my mail.

I keep thinking there's got to be some use for these very fine scraps of verbiage. Just in twisting them around to make sense, I can feel bits of story coalescing in the primordial soup of my writer's brain. I don't generally do poems, but...

The disorder at Fell is and was a little battle,
between wondering whether it were something inseparable from us,
or the cache of an everyplace troubadour,
whose impish commandment imbued us all with
midnight craftsmanship...
did we not choose an aparatif and another go at Milton.

Take that, English majors!


AJ Milne said...

(Holds lighter aloft) More!

AJ Milne said...

Looks like commenting is broken, somehow?

Previous comment was sitting there visible in the 'post comment' box a few days without getting onto the post page or the main.

Blogger used to do the same annoying thing to me, on occasion. Curious to see if this pushes it into visible...

Holly said...

Weird. I wondered if something was amiss, but the moderating wasn't turned on, so I don't know what happened. Good ol'Blogger.

Anonymous said...

For one thing, I was holding off posting a comment. Didn't have a durn thing to say that didn't seem insipid or inane.