Friday, March 24, 2006


My office building is being remodeled, and most of the departments shifted around to different floors and different places on the floors. My segment of production is about the only group not getting moved, although my supervisor and the editors are now on the other side of the floor, and we all have to put up with the clutter and commotion of the moving.

Plus, there are a lot of unfamiliar and downright strange people wandering around here. My department is tucked away in a side room that used to literally be a storage closet--there's no reason for people to come in here but sometimes they do, because they're lost or sightseeing or whatever.

A very strange little man just walked in here, to the dead-end of the aisle, looked around, turned and left. He looked just like Nintendo's Mario--short, round, dark, bulbous nose. He had a round gut and walked back on his heels so he led with his stomach. He had wiry salt-and-pepper hair and a pursy look to his mouth. I can't say why, but he just looked like he should smell bad. The weird thing is, he smelled of way too much cologne; he left a miasma of it behind him in our tightly-enclosed space. I hate sharing other people's scents, almost as much as I hate sharing other people's bass thrum on the street.


Shirley said...

LOL at your Mario reference! I can just see him now! I don't remember if there's still a door on that room. If there is, I'm sure y'all are highly tempted to closed and, maybe, lock it sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could use an armed guard at the door.
I assume that Rudy accompanied you on your hegira. I wonder if he has to go to church too, to learn his catechism.

Holly said...

Rudy came with me, but he's beyond saving. My parents are trying to teach him bad habits, feeding him table scraps.

The good news is, he seems to have lost a little weight.