Sunday, July 24, 2005


Had my writer's meeting yesterday. I took them the first nine-ish pages of "Parlor Games," an excerpt which ended with a tantalizing revelation about Miss Fairweather.

Choice comments were as follows:
Where is the rest of it? More! I want MORE! (soon.)


Very good--I particularly like the pace & the balance between Trace's viewpoint narration & the dialogue

Cool! The plot--or the relationship, rather--thickens apace. I thought you were going to tease us with their relationship as shown in the first two stories for a couple more stories yet. I'm happy to see him establishing some turf to stand up on his hind legs on, at last.

Kung fu? Scheduling conflicts? Divided loyalties? Pshaw.


C8H10N4HO2O2 said...

Good to have you back.

C8H10N4HO2O2 said...

Tho' I should note: I didn't actually read your 'want cake' post... as requested. ;)