Friday, April 08, 2005

speaking of the 1870's

I get PBS updates in my email. Sometimes this leads to useful stuff. This one isn't about trains, but there's always room in my head for more useless knowledge.

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AJM said...

That really is a fun exhibit. I've got a lot of affection for odd, old technologies with the look of the arcane and the experimental, the air of Rube Goldberg about them, bits of burnished metal clearly shaped and polished by hand... We've a science and technology museum in this burgh full of old trains, cars, and other things that go, and that's always good for a bit of fun... And I really liked your steam contraption description a few posts back.

I let myself have a little fun, inventing and describing stuff like that, now and then. But I really gotta watch myself, I find. 'Cos if I allow it, I'll easily do pages on elegant contraptions made of shiny bits of metal, easily forget there are characters and plot that actually need attending to too... There's building atmosphere, and then there's building it so thick the reader can't actually breathe.