Tuesday, April 19, 2005

regarding silver bullets

Found a post here that talks about making silver bullets. As the one poster put it:
Pure silver melts well above 1600 deg. F. Most alloys have lower melting points but even silver solder, only 56% silver, melts at over 1100 degrees.
So you are not going to cast silver bullets with an 800 degree lead pot and iron molds. As the guys at GW put it, Tonto sure didn't turn these things out over a campfire. It takes jewelry equipment and techniques.
I mean to double-check this, but I have no reason to doubt it. Good to know.

Here's another forum on the same topic, and some useful craftsman's details for future reference.


Anonymous said...

There is an O. Henry story in which the hero takes out the villainous Cisco Kid with a shotgun loaded with a carved up lead counterfeit silver dollar. However, real silver coins are much harder than lead. Trace and Boz would play hob whittling down such things. It would require a sharp well-tempered knife and a lot of time.
It is unlikely that your heroes are skilled in Kung Fu. If they were, they could throw silver coins like suriken.
Since the story is set in the 1880's, it is unlikely that anyone would be toting a muzzle-loading buffalo gun with a wooden ramrod. Such an item might take one vamp out of the picture.
Smaller silver coins could be loaded into shotguns, a la Billy the Kid.
You have a train load of immigrants: any blacksmiths with portable forges in the group? I dunno about this idea. It strains plausibilty a tad.
Your efforts to eliminate implausibles is definitely applaudable.

Anonymous said...

The Lone Ranger, aka Dan Reid, was distant kin of mine. My mother's maiden name is Reid.
In truth, the Lone Ranger story is fantasy, for various reasons. I loved the TV programs back in the fifties, but then I was no more than twelve or thirteen; I was quite naive.
You may know that the Ranger had a silver mine. The ore was processed on site; the refined silver molded into bullets.
If Trace and Boz are not expecting the attack by the vampires, they are probably not equipped with the appropriate ammunition.