Sunday, April 17, 2005

and a lovely time was had by all

The tea party went off without a hitch. The weather was lovely, the food was good and plentiful (they ate all the cucumber sandwiches, which surprised the hell out of me), and everybody came dressed up and looking sharp. Heather and Amber brought me a lovely hostess basket filled with tea and ginger biscuits. Crystal brought me a new Connie Dover CD, The Wishing Well which I had owned years ago but lost custody to my mom when I moved out.

The sponge-cake hearts were FABULOUS. Apparently it did them good to sit in the freezer for two days. I topped them with a little almond whipped-cream and some raspberries and ate about six of them. They're light, like a twinkie but without the sick chemical aftertaste. The cupcakes were good, too, with cream cheese frosting flavored various ways. The Waldorf celery boats were a very nice surprise; I'd highly recommend them--even two days old they're still crisp and tasty. The bacon-wrapped asparagus came out a little limp but tasted good. The stuffed mushrooms were rich and yummy, too. I added a little Bouquet Garni seasoning to the goat cheese, which was a nice touch. Amber snapped up the last two and took them home with her.

I drank way too much tea and got a little buzzed, and I simply spent too much time standing during the day so my knee started to hurt toward evening. But everybody talked and laughed and made noises about how we should do this sort of thing more often.

Scott says he's going to have a "little kegger" next month.

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