Monday, February 07, 2005

productivity, at last

Any day in which someone expresses their dislike for me due to my proficiency at something is a good day. In other words, one of the new guys in kung fu approached me and said he didn't think he liked me very much because I made the fan form look so easy (and I look good doing it). I thanked him. This kid's no slouch in martial arts, either. He's doing three or four at the same time, including capoera. Kind of impressive.

Feeling good about the fan form, tho. I think I can take a gold in performance.

Saturday, I added a few pages to Trace, including a nice meaningful conversation with the town preacher. I'm up to sixteen pages now. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I've also dreamed about ghosts the last two nights.

Sunday, after class, I came home and found that my husband had cleaned the kitchen (yay!) so that left me with unresolved cleaning urges. I had pledged to myself that I would clean the floors after every rent day, so I dragged out the vaccuum, but using it was no simple task because our living room space has been badly congested ever since we got that new recliner from his parents.

So I rearranged the living room. Pushed the TV table to the adjacent wall, switched out the lamps, circled the loveseat and the chairs to a new arc, and came up with a much more accessible space. Now the recliner doesn't loom up and try to kill you as you pass by to the kitchen. Since I have a tendency to walk around in the dark, this is a plus.

I put/threw away all the old magazines, stashed the DVD's, and dusted. I even scrubbed the entryway tile and vaccuumed the rugs in the kitchen. I did not clean off my writing desk or the sewing table, but we can't expect miracles.

Scott liked the new arrangement, but when he saw what all I'd done he said, "Are you on Ritalin?" (he's been watching Desperate Housewives with me).

I must say, I seem to be heading into another "output" cycle and that's fine with me. I don't even mind the restless sleeping, since I feel fine this morning, now that I'm up. If the money situation works out the way it's supposed to, I may be able to sustain this bustle and cheer. Oh yeah--H&R Block made a mistake on our return: they charged us three times for Scott's 401K payout. So we should be getting a hefty check from the IRS in about a month. Here's hopin'.

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