Monday, November 08, 2004

PBS costume spots

So I watched part one of Regency House Party last week. I didn't pay too much attention to the dresses, other than to reaffirm my thorough distaste for the Empire waistline. From a distance, as the ladies were strolling on the grounds, they looked pretty and feminine. At the dinner table, all that decolletage made for lovely scenery. In the drawing room, however, or just sitting around day to day, the lack of waist definition and the acres of gathered skirts made even the skinny girls look frumpy.

The gentlemen, on the other hand, looked luscious. All those tight buff pants and fitted waistcoats. Long wavy crops and sideburns, and clean-shaven chins. And the booze made their eyes look bright, of course.

Mostly I was disgusted by how some of the contestants refused to play along. One young woman did nothing but whine about the restraints and mouth off to the hostess. Admittedly, the woman playing the hostess was a vindictive bitch, but she was certainly playing her role to the hilt and I couldn't blame her for wanting to slap the little whining debutante.

Then one of the men, I think he was a hairstylist in real life, took offense to the life of leisure and the lordly way they were all living. He said he took pride in his roots as a commoner, developed a real chip on his shoulder, and left the house party early.

What I can't figure out is, why did those two sign up for the show in the first place? What did they imagine it would be like? I know people have romantic notions about the good old days, but how ignorant can you be?

Anyway, the Brits know how to put together a reality show, I can say that. My one complaint is that it all seemed very brief and rushed, for nine weeks of filming. Either the footage was heavily condensed for export overseas, or it really was so boring that eight hours of show was all they could squeeze out of it.


Oh yeah, I also taped Henry VIII last night. Only watched about 10 minutes of it, but Helena Bonham Carter was being so shrill and was so unflattered by the costumes I don't know if I'll be able to watch it all.

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