Thursday, November 04, 2004

chicken cordon bleu, two versions

A few years ago I made up a chicken cordon bleu recipe, because it was one of those things that everyone seemed to like but you couldn't get anywhere, except maybe frozen, and then it tasted...frozen.

As is my usual way, I found several different recipes for chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, took what I liked from each, and combined them. There's not as much variation in this as there are in other classic recipes--chicken pot pie, for example.

Anyway, the recipe I came up with is very good, very messy, and very time consuming. Also, success depends greatly upon being able to get premium chicken breasts--not always an easy feat in our world of pre-packaged, "flavor-enhancing solution"-injected poultry.

So, the other night I had some ham I wanted to use up, and some raw leftover chicken breasts in the fridge, and decided that laziness was the ugly stepmother of invention.

The improvised dish used one pan, took thirty minutes prep to plate, and was quite tasty. The recipe is here, together with the original labor-intensive version. My husband says the new one isn't up to my usual standards, but I disagree. There's much to be said for brevity.

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