Thursday, September 16, 2004

congrats, Joy

Hey, notice in the last post how I mentioned Joy Remy, a writing colleague from Critters, and said she was going places? Turns out Joy won a 2nd place showing in Writers of the Future (you know, the Hubbard machine). Here's part of the email she sent me.

Here's a link to the award page for Writers of the Future Volume XX [...] If you follow the 2004 link "Click Here to See the Event" you'll get a tour of the Writer's of the Future Workshop and Award Presentation Ceremony Thing.

In the ninth frame (the lineup of 8 dressed-in-black-tie winners) I'm second to the right.

Volume XX of Writers of the Future will be out in a few weeks, or you can order it from Amazon. Joy's story is titled, "Sleep Sweetly, Junie Carter."

I'm horribly jealous, of course. :-P

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