Thursday, June 17, 2004


I have come to the conclusion that while I may be a good writer--which is to say I have an enjoyable, mature style--I am not necessarily a good plotter.

I could blame it on MW, or the fact that I have watched/read too much stuff with no plot in the last few years.

But I think it's just laziness on my part, because I claim to like to write organically, but my best pieces have been thought-out beforehand. Leviatech had forethought. Mobius had forethought. Both of those were outlined, loosely overall, and the outline was revised as I went.

I'm thinking I'll go back to work on some of my short fiction, see if I can salvage it--"Donor," in particular. It'll be a good exercise. I must stop being so lazy. If a dress doesn't fit, I rip it apart and fix it. There's no excuse for not doing the same with a story.

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